Corporate Training Programs

Hospitality Training for the 21st Century

The ZG Trading FZE headquartered in Ajman, UAE was established in 2003. For over 14 years, ZG Trading has specialized in developing thousands of candidates worldwide for employment and leadership positions in the hospitality industry.

Starting November 2017 in response to industry needs and the development of effective and cost efficient learning and training technologies, ZG Trading launches training programs. It is supposed to become a unique training center and professional development and community forum designed specifically for the hospitality industry.


ZG Trading - Corporate Training for the 21st Century

This is not just a learning management system, it is an online global learning community that incorporates customer service training with motivation and communication. For 14 years in the hospitality domain we have one singular pursuit, "to inspire employees to deliver excellent service and achieve an amazing hospitality attitude". Through ZG Trading, companies can now take advantage of ZG Trading’s proven teaching methodologies and customer service programs.

Our global presence has made us acutely aware of the specific needs and challenges of the hospitality industry in the 21st Century. As companies grow and expand, their expenditure on education and training significantly increases, as does the negative effect of downtime when staff undergo training. The traditional approach to education and training may not always provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution.


Custom Designed for Hospitality Industry

ZG Trading training program is exclusively dedicated to careers in hospitality and all programs and features have been developed with specific functions that support the needs of education and training in our industry. ZG Trading operates entirely online and face to face with the interested candidates and is a safe, secure, easy-to-learn and robust learning environment that was specially developed by us.

ZG Trading program is a full-service education and training platform that, from one central location online, can deliver some of the most comprehensive hospitality education, training, networking and professional support services in the world today. We have an in-house curriculum development team and global team of hospitality educators along with industry professionals that can assist with custom designing any of your training needs.


Our approach puts you in the driver’s seat!

We provide you with an extensive “menu” of programs and services that can be delivered totally or partially online as well as face to face meetings and seminars. ZG Trading’s professional team works hand-in-hand with your training division to assist you in choosing the best combination for your requirements, resulting in a customized training plan for your organization.

Your ZG Trading Training Center is always “open for business” 24 hours a day and becomes the heart of your company’s training and communication network. Professional development activities and a vast array of training management and delivery needs can be met company-wide. ZG Trading provides training for your future employees and facilitators in how to use World Campus and all its online features and functions.


World Campus: Your Customized Online Training Center

Through ZG Trading’s extensive programming and features, we can create a central education and “meeting place” for all of your employees while also providing a central communication hub for the dissemination of training related information.


Development of Hybrid Training Plans

With the assistance of AHA, you also have the opportunity to create “hybrid training” where for a specific course or program you schedule both face-to-face sessions as well as online components.

The recruitment thrust of leading hotel companies is most often to hire for attitude and train for aptitude.


Hospitality Supervisor

Today’s successful hospitality supervisors must understand the difference between being an employee and taking on a new supervisory role. They need to manage the transition and understand their new responsibilities and how to best implement them. They need to have effective skills such as leadership, time management, cultural understanding and communication. They must keep pace with change, improve their knowledge, and grow daily through their work experiences.

This supervisory course explores the concept of culture to better understand differences in people’s values, beliefs and practices and how they impact the workplace.

This training course provides them with the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively manage.


Cost and Fees

The following services and programs will need to be priced according to the customization needs of your organization.


Customized Online Training Center

Set up and One Time Fee: 200 euro

Hosting per month: No Charge